HeDa Automation.

As  a predecessor of HeDa,Planetary Automation was founded in 2007,which achieved great success.In 2009,HeDa was founded to explore the hemodialzyer assembly technology.Integrated with machinery design ,manufacturing,sales and installation,HeDa now steps into a rapid-growth period,not only technology but also market share.Based on the various application of hollow fiber membrane,HeDa has expanded the assembly technology as well as the hollow fiber membrane spinning technology into plenty of industries,such as biological, pharmaceutical, industrial, household, hydrogen energy ,etc.

HeDa's production lines are  widely used in hemodialyzer factories, plasma separator factories,  oxygenator factories,water filter factories,gas filter factories and institutes.

As a turnkey solution supplier, HeDa would like to be your professional consultant.Cleanroom construction,facilities,layout,raw material,training,etc.


The company was founded in
Total investment of the company
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Corporate culture.

  • Enterprise positioning

    China's best supplier of turnkey solutions for dialyzer & hollow fiber membrane manufacturers. With 10 years of experience in research, development and application of hemodialysis equipment, we are willing to share technical experience with domestic and foreign customers, provide the latest technology and equipment, and jointly promote the development of technology in the field of hemodialysis.
  • Enterprise mission

    Improving the performance of medical device assembly lines through deep research and hard work for the health care of humans.
  • Enterprise vision

    To be the leading manufacturers of Hemodialyzer assembly lines in China, as well as all over the world with quality products and best services.
  • Corporate values

    Be kind as well as filial.
    Demonstrate integrity and conformity.
    Be upright as well as honest.
    Run with the dream, live it to the fullest.
    Focus & Research on technology, pursue high quality.
    Be precise as well as pragmatically.
    Dedicated to customer service.
    Team work makes tasks easier.

Development history.

  • 2019

    Multiple production line deliveries are initiated
  • 2016

    The first Hemodialysis Spinning pilot Production Line 
    (32 nozzle)
  • 2014

    The first Hemodialysis spinning production line (large line)
  • 2012

    The first medical spinning experimental equipment
  • 2009

    First hemodialysis assembly line
  • 2007

    Start a business

Certificate of honor.

  • Heda automatic spinning control embedded software V1.0

  • Heda automatic package leak test drying control embedded software V1

  • Heda automatic irrigation control embedded software V1

  • Heda automatic dialyzer package line measurement and control embedded software V1.0

  • Quality management system certification

  • Scientific and technological achievements evaluation certificate

  • Member of China Film Industry Association

  • High-tech enterprise

  • 2018 Film Industry Patent Award

  • High-tech Enterprise Certificate (2021)

  • Certificate of Honor for the first set of Major Technical equipment products in Sichuan Province

  • Sichuan Province "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises

  • 合达自动化纺丝控制嵌入式软件V1.0
  • 合达自动化封装测漏烘干控制嵌入式软件V1
  • 合达自动化灌药控制嵌入式软件V1
  • 合达自动化透析器封装线测控嵌入式软件V1.0
  • 质量管理体系认证证书(英文)
  • 科技成果评价证书
  • 图层 2
  • 图层 1
  • 1
  • 高新技术企业证书(2021)
  • 川内首台(有效期2025)
  • 省专精特性中小企业
  • 合达自动化纺丝控制嵌入式软件V1.0
  • 合达自动化封装测漏烘干控制嵌入式软件V1
  • 合达自动化灌药控制嵌入式软件V1
  • 合达自动化透析器封装线测控嵌入式软件V1.0
  • 质量管理体系认证证书(英文)
  • 科技成果评价证书
  • 图层 2
  • 图层 1
  • 1
  • 高新技术企业证书(2021)
  • 川内首台(有效期2025)
  • 省专精特性中小企业

Patent certificate.

  • 一种封胶端面切胶设备
  • 一种中空纤维膜自动定长裁剪设备
  • 一种中空纤维过滤器壳体
  • 一种医用中空纤维膜过滤器自动组装拉磨设备
  • 一种封闭式工艺控制纺丝设备
  • 一种膜式氧合器的检漏烘干设备

Cooperative partner.

  • 大连理工大学
  • 珠海健帆